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Guidelines for entries

  1. Duration of a challenge: There was unease at MAD's 12km challenge which fitted the criterion of an hour for warm-up, row & cool-down when elite rowers were considered but not for slower categories. 10km was established as the limit for single distances or 45 minutes for timed intervals.
  2. Standing/rolling starts: Until recently, rowers made their own choices about how to attack the starts during interval challenges. After much wrangling it was decided that the team proposing the challenge should stipulate the manner of each start.
  3. Interval rests: Again, until recently, it was accepted that rowers could log results when they had taken shorter or no rests during interval pieces. It was agreed that teams could insist on the rests being taken for a valid entry and that this should be included with the challenge. For example, the January 2015 FIRT challenge stipulates a maximum of 6 minutes rest. This implies that a rower could take no rests and submit a distance for 15 minutes continuous rowing.
  4. Rate-limited pieces: It was accepted that a rower could take more than the maximum number of strokes provided that the monitor rounded it down to the stipulated limit. For instance, a 30spm20 piece requires 600 strokes. A rower may pull, say, 608 and still produce a valid entry.
  5. Sliders/Dynamic ergs: There's not been much discussion about their use; it's not even clear whether they provide an advantage over the static erg. Results are valid from both slider and dynamic ergs. Results are not allowed when non-C2 machines are used.
  6. Timing of Entries: To allow late entries to be recorded from all parts of the world, the new challenge does not appear on the CTC site before 12:00GMT on the first day of each month. We rely on rowers to produce their performances during the calendar month in their time-zone.
  7. Multiple Team Participation: Rowers are restricted to making an entry for one team during each monthly CTC.

The Cross-Team Challenge is not supported or endorsed by Concept 2.
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